The Light Blue Club for the Masonic Province of Herefordshire

Friendship Charity Self Improvement

A club for Freemasons within the Province of Herefordshire, who have yet to receive Provincial Rank honours, to socialise, learn, and represent the views of the future generations of Freemasons.


a focal point for 'light blue' Freemasons living in & around Herefordshire to meet & socialise via shared interests and events


the club supports our local communities via charitable donations that any member of the club can propose


access a range of seminars and learning opportunities to explore freemasonry, the symbolism & and our rich history

Join us to....

Explore Encourage Engage Represent

open to all freemasons in Herefordshire who have yet to receive Provincial Rank Honours

Since joining I have seen my friendship circle dramatically increase. I have met people from all walks of life and I am proud to be involved in a fraternity with such amazing people

– G. Evans, Joined 2017


From our club and members


The Caeruleum Club will be holding a soft re-launch, to reinvigorate interest and to bring the newer members of our province together, to help form the bond of friendship and brotherhood.

AGM and Curry

The Caeruleum Club will be holding its AGM on Saturday the 18th June 2022, followed by a curry at Marigold restaurant.

Club Visit to Loyal Hay (2382)

The Caeruleum Club visited Loyal Hay Lodge, no 2382, to witness a raising ceremony being performed on behalf of Cantaloupe Lodge