Story by W Bro Chris Holt – a light blue and Caeruleum Club member, who 3 days ago became a dark blue:

Having a father who lost most of his hair in his late 20’s I have been  very fearful of going bald for many years. However, at 42 my hair continues to grow healthily.

With many people scared of contracting coronavirus, and the lockdown stop on all our various gatherings, I decided that I should assist a few causes close to my heart, by doing something that scared me – on purpose! Hence I set a up my fundraising “HoltysHeadShaveForCharity” on Justgiving as a personal effort to raise some sponsorship to assist Herefordshire NHS Trust Covid Support Team, Holy Trinity Church Whitecross and the 2020 Herefordshire Festival for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

I am so pleased to have raised £1000 to split equally between the three great causes.

We are all extremely appreciative of the help and assistance we receive from our doctors and nurses in the NHS, and this has never been felt more in my lifetime than in the present. We salute the sterling efforts of those putting their own lives on the line on a daily basis to help those suffering, caring in their time of need.

Our church gatherings which have been postponed until such time as it will be safe to meet in one place to share our worship once again, have been sadly missed. It has been great to join in online “zoom” services over the lockdown with members from several congregations, knowing that we are all in this together, the virus cannot stop us from sharing our fellowship, and that we share the same hope for a safe and speedy end to the current crisis so we can once again congregate together to worship in person.

Our Masonic meetings, which have also been postponed until such time as it is felt necessary, are also sincerely missed, and while we are able to meet in “zoom” online, I am sure you will all agree, that it is not quite the same as being together in person. The practical and moral support, comradeship, the brotherly love that we share are bonds of friendship that are playing a key part in our efforts to prove the happy benefits of being a member of our ancient and honourable institution, not just to our members but to the outside world too.

I offer my sincere and grateful thanks to everyone who has supported me in my fundraising efforts, and in other ways during this time. I know that the three beneficiaries will be truly grateful.

My wish for each and every one of you is that you stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to a time when we can all meet again in person and share our experiences.

Take care all,
Chris Holt

W Bro Chris Holt
Provincial Grand Standard Bearer for the Province of Herefordshire
Almoner, Organist & Social Secretary, Coningsby Lodge