The Club is excited to announce that we are hosting an online zoom event.

The topic is The Battle of Britain – Hitler’s First Defeat, presented by Dr Michael A Fopp PhD.

After the invasion of Western Europe by the Germans in 1940, only Great Britain stood alone against the horrors of Nazi aggression.

Michael Fopp, past Keeper of The Battle of Britain Museum and longest-serving Director General of the RAF Museums reflects on his years researching the subject, the personalities he has met, the known and the unknown, the acknowledged heroes and the unsung participants. Using unique film and photographs and including the voices of participants from both sides recalling their views and experiences, this promises to be a really interesting event. 

The Caeruleum Club is hosting the event as a ‘mini monthly conference’ in conjunction with the NYMC, which acts as a conduit between all light blue clubs and Grand Lodge, so this is a really good way to help get our club national recognition.

If you can attend the event, please sign up at the below link. A zoom invite will be sent out the day before the event starts.

Link to register