The Caeruleum Club will be holding a meeting on Saturday the 16th September 2023, at Kyrle Street Masonic Hall, 6pm Start which will be followed by a pie and chips! 

For the attention of all brothers below a provincial rank:

Herefordshire province has a light blues club called the Caeruleum club. 

The club was started as an opportunity to bring the newer members of our province together, to help form the bond of friendship and brotherhood. 

The club has been in  trying to regain pre-covid traction since 2020 with a number of events but we believe that now is the time for us to have a  relaunch.

The Caeruleum committee would like to invite you to Hereford masonic hall at Kyrle Street on Saturday the 16th of September to explain our suggested strategy for the relaunch year and going forward for the next few years and give the opportunity for those who want to be involved to join the committee.

We believe that every lodge has its part to play in the club going forwards and that the club has an import part to play In the success of our lodges in the future.

We want to hear the feedback and thoughts or suggestions about the light blues club so the club is providing what it’s members want, not what it thinks the members want.

We believe that the Caeruleum club will be a fantastic environment for each of us expand our social circles, experience new opportunities and experiences and to develop our masonic understanding.

As a light blue mason, we are the future of freemasonry and together we can help make that future a bright one!

– Tommy Santillo


  • Event: Relaunch meeting
  • Date: Saturday, 16th September 2023
  • Time: 6 PM start 
  • Venue: Kyrle Street, Hereford
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Meal: Yes (optional)
  • Booking: Online only (see below form)