The Caeruleum Club AGM will be followed by a presentation on the Kirkwall Scrolls, by W.Bro Geoff Wilding, and a curry in Kington.

Timetable: AGM: 18:00 | Talk: 19:00 | Takeaway: 20:00

Our AGM will take place at Arrow Masonic Hall, Kington, HR5 3DY at 18:00, where a new committee shall be voted in and suggestions for Club Vice Patrons agreed upon. 

W. Bro Geoff Wilding will then present a fascinating talk on a fragment of Masonic history that still holds mysterious secrets despite over 100 years of research by learned Brethren.

This will be followed by a curry at the local Kington restaurant, the Taj Mahal.


Geoff’s presentation of the Kirkwall Scrolls was truly exceptional. Not only did he provide a thorough and insightful explanation of each scroll, but his passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter was contagious. The way he captured the attention of the audience and brought the scrolls to life was truly remarkable.

If any lodge is looking for a captivating and knowledgeable presenter for the Kirkwall Scrolls, we highly recommend Geoff. He has a natural talent for storytelling and sharing historical information in an engaging manner. We are confident that any lodge who invites him to present will not only be impressed by his expertise but also thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Geoff has kindly offered to oblige any lodge that would like him to present the Kirkwall Scrolls. It is a great opportunity to learn about this significant piece of history from someone who is truly passionate about it. We urge all lodges to take advantage of this offer and invite Geoff to present the Kirkwall Scrolls – it will be an unforgettable experience.


  • Event: AGM, Kirkwall Scroll Presentation and Curry
  • Date: Saturday, 18th November 2023
  • Time: 6 PM start 
  • Venue: Arrow Lodge, Kington, HR5 3DY
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Meal: Yes (optional)
  • Booking: now closed